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Auto Electrical Repair & Maintenance Service

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D & K Auto Electrical Pty Ltd offers friendly auto electrical service for many types of vehicles.

D & K Auto Electrical Pty Ltd has been operating for 20+ years and has over 85 years combined experience in the auto electrical industry. With good results on our quality workmanship, we pride ourselves for delivering the customers the best solutions for their vehicle. We offer trustworthy and professional auto electrical service for all auto electrical repairs and maintenance on cars, heavy vehicles and plant equipment. We have easy truck and trailer access in & out of the premises.

Our team of expert auto electricians carry out fault finding and wiring repairs. We supply and fit UHF and CB radios, batteries, reverse camera systems, Bury Bluetooth handsfree phone kits and LED and HID lights.

Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repair

When you need auto electrical services in NSW, consider trusting D & K Auto Electrical.
Truck & Cars Repair

Truck & Cars Repair

Servicing your car regularly is quite essential for better engine performance. Usually, when you purchase a truck or car you get a logbook to keep records of all checks and services.
Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

From a leak to a worn-out condenser and loose wires, multiple aspects affect your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

RTA No. – AU04503

Automotive Parts Store

Automotive Parts Store

Comprehensive Range Of Vehicle’s Premium Parts

D & K Auto Electrical Pty Ltd specialises in reliable auto parts. With a passion for all things automotive, we have been involved with the day-to-day operations of the business and providing our customers with the genuine automotive parts for their vehicle. D & K Auto Electrical continues to provide customers with friendly service and in-depth expert knowledge, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Recording Camera System

The Next Generation Driving Experience

We offer a various set of camera hardware integrated with software designed to radically enhance your security and to enhance fleet management abilities for any organisation. Our unique combination of camera and user-friendly software yields outstanding insight into fleet operations, risk mitigation and health and safety compliance.

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