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Trucks are heavy machineries and just like others, they’re also prone to problems, especially electrical ones. These giant fleets are responsible for transportation of goods and travelling longer routes hence, It is vitally important for them to function at their best.

Trucking mechanics are highly complex and with the current advancement of technology, diagnosing and troubleshooting such problems needs expert hands that have thorough knowledge and skills. Truck upkeep is highly necessary and due to its road importance, it is advised to get professional truck servicing to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Here are five common truck auto electrical problems that need to be addressed by the experts immediately.

1. Drainage of Battery

One of the most prevalent problems by truck drivers is drained battery. Electrical components such as an auto camera recording system depend completely on it and a weak battery cannot supply constant power it needs. The most common causes are loose cablings, connectors or faulty alternators.

Regularly inspecting and checking if the battery is maintained and diagnosing the potential drain issues can help you get a clear idea on the condition of the battery. With time to time upkeep, you can get it replaced with a newer one after a significant time.

2. Broken Dashboard Display

A malfunctioning dashboard display is particularly dangerous at night, just as faulty tail or headlights. Being unable to recognise your speed might result in fines and unintentionally unsafe driving. Identifying other indicators such as condition of brake fluids or refuel replacement can be not known. Moreover, Dimmer light status can remain unknown too.

Hence, it is essential to reach out to your trusted trucks and cars repair shop and let an expert auto electrician have a look at it thoroughly.

3. Fusible Link Failures

The auto camera recording system and other vehicle components, including the flow of electrical current, are controlled by fusible connections. These connections can disturb the power flow and stop the camera from working if they break down.

Fusible link failures can be caused by a number of things, including high temperatures, large current loads, or damage brought on by ageing. Costly repairs can be avoided and possible problems can be found with regular maintenance and inspection.

4. Ignition Switch Problems

The Ignition switch is responsible for starting the engine of your truck. If there is some fault detected, it can cause disturbance in intermittent power supply. If the problem escalates, it can cause complete failure to start the engine. This not only causes inconveniences to your truck engine but also other electrical components.

There could be multiple reasons behind ignition switch problems mainly being loose cabling or battery drainage. A right auto electrician will help you identify the problem and give your appropriate solution.

5. Malfunctions in Sensors

Trucks are equipped with multiple sensors such as MAP, oxygen sensor, ECM sensor etc. throughout the whole complex electrical structure. These sensors overlook monitoring of various aspects of a vehicle’s performance. Hence, for it to function correctly is important.

Malfunctions in sensors could cause irregularities For instance, a faulty coolant temperature sensor can affect the engine’s performance.  Regular sensor checks and prompt repairs can help maintain the overall efficiency of your truck’s electrical system.


In Conclusion,

Maintaining Truck’s electrical system is essential as it can ensure your truck delivers optimum performance without any interruptions. The common issues listed are easy to diagnose, however reach out to your reliable auto electrician who will perform in detail inspections and list out the problems briefly.

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