3 Things to Do If Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Stops Working

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A broken air conditioner in a car can be one of the most complex problems to figure out and fix. If the air conditioner in your car isn’t blowing cold air, look for signs of leaking or an A/C compressor that won’t turn on.  

If the vehicle air conditioning repairs, you might need the tools to do them at home. But if it’s low on refrigerant, you can get a recharge kit at a local auto parts store and fill it up again for vehicle repair; the bestauto electrical Sydney. 

Getting to the Root of the Problem: 

Start the car and turn on the air conditioning. Start the vehicle with the key and turn the air conditioner to high. Check the temperature of the air from the air conditioner by touching it. If the air is warm to cool but not as cold as it should be, there may be a problem with how the air flows. 

Check to see if your radiator’s cooling fans are running. If they aren’t, there may be a problem with the electricity. 

Check to see if the air conditioner’s compressor is on. You will need to check to see if the air conditioner’s compressor is working to determine what to do if repairs are required. Theauto electricianfined the air conditioner in the engine bay and checked to see if the center of the pulley was also turning.  

Look for leaks in the system that cools the air. Leak detection kits can be bought to help you find leaks in your air conditioning system. The dye in these kits runs through the lines and removes any leaks or cracks, making them easy to spot for vehicle repairing the best auto electrical Sydney service. 

Getting Ready to Add the Refrigerant: 

You need to buy the correct type of refrigerant for your car from vehicle air conditioning repair. The easiest way to determine what kind of coolant your car needs is to look at the year it was made. R134a is used in all vehicles produced after 1995. If your car was made before that, it probably used R12. 

Check a thermometer to see what the temperature is like outside. To figure out how to read the gauge on the refrigerant, you need to know how hot or cold it is. The amount of space the refrigerant takes up in the can and the air conditioning system is different at different temperatures. This means that the gauge will show other numbers at different times. 

Find the service port on the low side for the air conditioning. Your AC system will have two service ports: one on the downside and one on the high. It would help if you found the low-side service port when you recharged your air conditioner. 

Clean the area around the service port with a rag. Wipe the service port, cap, and the area around it with a rag to ensure it doesn’t get clogged with dirt or dust. First, clean the lid and the line. Then, take the cap off and clean the port itself. 

Auto electricians use the air pressure chart on the gauge to figure out how much pressure there is. Find out what level the refrigerant is at by looking at the indicator and considering the room’s temperature. Once spraying, you’ll need to monitor the gauge to know when the system is complete.

Recharging the Coolant: 

Turn the valve until the can’s seal is broken. Turn the valve on top of the refrigerant can clockwise until it pokes through the top and releases refrigerant through the hose and into the car’s air conditioning system.

Hold the can on its side.Auto electricians keep it upright and shake it every so often as they let the refrigerant flow into the engine. If you turn the can to the side, the pressure will drop, and the can won’t be able to refill the system. 

Look for refrigerant leaks. As you fill-up up the air conditioner, keep an eye out for any signs of leaks. If you find a leak, a professional mechanic must fix it. Write down where the leak was so it will be easier to find and fix. 

Please take off the hose that charges the can and put it somewhere cool. When the gauge shows that the tank is full, take the hose off the service port and put the cap back on. If the refrigerant is still in the can, you can save it to use in another car or fix the exact vehicle again. 

If the car needs to be fixed, bring it in. If you find a leak or the air conditioning compressor doesn’t work, you must bring thevehicle air conditioning repaired. You may need specialized tools to replace an A/C compressor, so only some hobby mechanics can do it. 


Once you figure out what’s wrong, you might be able to fix it yourself. If you can, you can quickly get your car’s air conditioning working again. If not, the system can be fixed by a skilled mechanic. Tell other people what you’ve learned or found out so they can help you get back into your cool car faster.