Mechanic or Auto Electrician: Which is the Right Technician for the Job?

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Having trouble with your vehicle yet again? Have you recently serviced it still the problem persists? Then you might need to reach out for a right technician for the job.

For this, you need to identify if the problem is mechanical or electrical. As Car technology advances, more and more components are becoming electrical and not just merely mechanical. The integration of two main functions makes it difficult to identify where the problem originates.  

Which is why it is essential to reach out to a right technician that specialises in handling such specific problems. Mechanics specialises in repairing engines, transmissions, suspension systems –  basically repairing and testing internal automobile systems.

Auto Electricians specialises in installing and maintaining parts, diagnosing faults in electrical wirings and computer systems of vehicles ranging from cars to trucks. They have access to advanced auto electrical repair equipment for the job.

When do you need an Auto Electrician? 

There are two main automotive trades in Australia – Certificate III for 1) Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and 2) Automotive Electrical Technology.

As the name suggests, each one is specific to either mechanical or electrical aspect of the servicing.

So when to know which one is right for the job, here’s how –

An Auto Electrician has advanced tools to diagnose and fix issues with your vehicle’s mirrors, seats, transmission, ignition, CD player, vehicle air conditioning repair, alarms or immobilisers and many more.

Their work can simply be understood in a simple three step process for dealing with issues of electrical components – Diagnose, Repair and Prevent.


Even for experienced mechanics, diagnosing electrical components can be difficult due to its complex structures. Auto Electricians on the other hand, specialises in detecting such faults. 

With their knowledge and advanced tech such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and circuit testers, they can quickly diagnose the system and identify the problem. In case if your car is not starting, they can use a multimeter to check the voltage of battery and the starter and quickly identify if the issue is simple or complex to solve.


It is prominent to know that mechanics have a little understanding of how these computerised systems work, but a professional in the field can identify, fix it and make it go up and running quickly and efficiently with their specialised knowledge in the field in the time of need

They have well equipped tools ready to use like a circuit tester that can immediately identify if the bulb is faulty or not and replace it, with such vital tools and auto electrical repair knowledge – they are specialists in their field.


An important step in fixing such components is to make sure it doesn’t happen frequently. Your trusted auto repairer will always guide you to follow some preventative steps to avoid future problems later, some common advice that is given –

  • Replace your car’s battery regularly. 

Batteries typically last for about 3-5 years of use but it can fail faster if not maintained properly. If your battery goes weak or old, it can cause various electric issues such as dim headlights or trouble starting the car. Therefore, replace it immediately.

  • Get your car’s alternator inspected regularly.

The alternator is responsible for charging your car’s battery while the engine is running. If it fails, then it can cause your battery to die. Hence, it is preferred to have it inspected every year or two especially if your car has a lot of miles on it.

  • Ensure that your car’s electrical system remains intact.

Look out for any loose or damaged wirings, corroded battery terminals or signs of other problems. If you suspect anything, reach out for auto electric repair and get it fixed.

  • Wash and keep your car clean.

Accumulation of dust and debris on circuit components leads to new sets of problems. Make sure to wash your car regularly and vacuum the interiors to clean out dust. Remember, Proper Maintenance will increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

  • Extreme temperatures can damage Circuitry.

Small steps like parking your car in shade in hot summers or plugging your car in during extremely cold weather to keep the battery warm can protect your vehicle to stay in pristine conditions to survive extreme climatic conditions.

By following such simple preventative steps, you can help prevent your car from undergoing frequent electric problems and keep it smoothly running for years to come.

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In Conclusion,

Choosing the right technician for the job can ensure that your problem can be fixed completely without any voids left so you can drive safely without wasting much time on frequent visits.

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