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Auto Electrical Repair

When you need auto electrical services in NSW, consider trusting D & K Auto Electrical. Our expert auto electricians will use state-of-the-art, diagnostic equipment to find your vehicle’s electrical troubles. Our team will then repair all the issues quickly and skillfully. Book an appointment with us for professional installations, from cruise control to Bluetooth and other electrical components according to the requirement.

We specialise in recently launched and advanced electronic equipment. We have the expertise and equipment to service any make and model of almost every car manufacturer.

Truck & Cars Repair

Servicing your truck & car regularly is quite essential for better engine performance. Usually, when you purchase a truck or car you get a logbook to keep records of all checks and services. It provides a wide knowledge to understand the mechanism and directions to get your car serviced according to the manufacturer. However, keeping the logbook aside, regular truck and car repair service keeps the vehicle in good shape.

We inspect every component of the vehicle for leaks or damage and replace any faulty parts. Any damaged part in your vehicle can affect the performance efficiency of your vehicle.

Automotive Parts Store
Automotive Parts Store

Vehicle Camera Recording System

If you are looking for a more integrated and permanent solution for keeping your vehicle protected there are several solutions available. However, incorporating multiple cameras at both the front and rear of your vehicle with a recorder is one of the most advanced solutions available in the market.

The advantage of the vehicle camera recording system is that it effectively captures 360 degrees around your vehicle. At the same time, the recording module can store significant amounts of high-quality footage. The recorder even keeps your footage safe if any serious accident occurs or the cameras are removed or stolen.

Give us a call or fill out our contact us form and we will get back to you quite soon.

Air Conditioning Repair

From a leak to a worn-out condenser and loose wires, multiple aspects affect your vehicle’s air conditioning system. To keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system functioning at its peak efficiency, you should consider following the manufacturer’s recommended car service schedule. At D & K Auto Electrical, we have vast experience and the latest tools to service your air conditioning system according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

With our regular inspection of your car’s air conditioning service and car aircon regas, you will not only get better results but also can enjoy the most comfortable driving experience.

Air Conditioning Repair
Automotive Parts Store

Automotive Parts Store

D & K Auto Electrical provides aftermarket automotive and quality parts with the first-class service. We carry a wide range of items of automotive parts including various hard to find parts. Our automotive part store is all managed by friendly staff who have wide knowledge in the automotive spare parts industry.

We are always committed to offering our customers the finest service every time. Call us today for the spare part that you are looking for or write to us and we will be in touch with you shortly.